Christa DiPaolo is a star of South Florida’s boxing fitness industry. Her trademarked class, BOX180™, is an adrenaline-fueled, fitness boxing workout that is guaranteed to challenge every muscle in the body resulting in a 180-degree full body transformation.

Christa DiPaolo designed BOX180™ to combine the agility, power and reflexes of the “sweet science” with high intensity calisthenics and plyometric exercises. Her devotees mountain climb, push up, jab and uppercut their way through a mentally motivating and physically exhausting 60 minute workout, set to an ever evolving beat-thumping playlist. Christa’s hardcore fitness ways have sculpted a bevy of gorgeous physiques, which has garnered a huge following and much acclaim. Her students finish each class with giant smiles and sweat soaked bodies. Christa’s charisma and kind disposition make her an elite fitness professional and her signature BOX180™ class guarantees to deliver a knockout punch to any one’s fitness regimen.

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