Danny Lauchaire is a Miami native, having been born and raised locally. He is a full time ISSA certified personal trainer, insured as a martial arts conditioning specialist, and has been working in the field since 2003. Danny has trained in various sports and martial arts such as football, baseball, hockey, ballet, muay thai, taekwondo, jeet kune do, and capoeira. He believes in a diversified exercise routine above all, and tries to incorporate various aspects of different sports in order to enhance each one. Cross training is essential.

Danny also spent a few years working on film/video sets. Having not only participated in fight scenes, but also helping to choreograph them, he has an excellent aptitude for teaching fight form/technique to those who have no prior experience. While Danny enjoyed his work as a stunt man, cinematographer, and editor, he turned his attention to training full time in 2005. He considers himself fortunate to be one of the few who really loves what he does.

While Danny competed in muay thai kickboxing, most clients tend to focus more on fitness, health, and appearance in their training rather than actual fight preparation. His workouts include boxing, kickboxing, weight lifting, explosive training, swimming, and many other sport specific programs. Danny has trained multiple professional atheletes including football, basketball, rugby, and tennis players (in boxing). He was even featured on the Tennis Channel’s “Fit to Hit” program in which a boxer’s training was compared to that of a tennis player. Danny also believes heavily in stretching and abs/core work. In fact, he may be one of the most flexible men you ever meet.

Danny’s high-energy approach sets a fast pace, and yields quick improvement and results. With clients ranging from age 8 to 87 (including pregnant women), he understands that each individual has their own unique needs and must be approached differently. Whatever your goals may be, Danny will strive to find an effective and enjoyable way of reaching them soon.

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