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By sobekick / Administrator, bbp_keymaster on Aug 23, 2017

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  • Maria Quinones

    I want to look great by time i turn 50 im tired of hidden my body every time im going to be intimate with my partner in very out going love to be up beat but my only and number one problem is not having confidences on my self and i want to feel alive again

    • Sobekick

      The secret to getting in shape is getting started. Don’t go overboard or over stress yourself when you begin. Start by walking a mile or two every day, then slowly move into a jog / run. Remember to stretch, and reduce your food intake (instead of completely eliminate things). Once you are ready, or if you are already in shape, you can take a 7 day free trial of our classes to see if it’s a fit: http://sobekick.com/free-trial. BTW, always check with your Dr. before doing any type of working out 😉

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